ES Modules: The Cartoon

I really loved the way Lin Clark contrasts the explicit binding of variables between files of code using modules vs. implicit binding where you simply expect that a given variable will be in a certain place within the global scope (like jQuery’s $ shortcut) and how it makes modules not just a better way of connecting your software together but also a way of protecting your code from mistakes.

ES modules: A cartoon deep-dive – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

ES2016, ES2017, and ES2018 Examples

This nifty article provides examples of using all the post ES2015 features which you hear a lot less about: Here are examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018

You might be wondering, “What’s the support for these features? In fact, what’s the support for ES2015 these days?” If you do think that, then don’t forget about the Kangax compatability table: ECMAScript 2016+ compatibility table

Or, if you want to know about Node.js support for all of it: Node.js ES2015/ES6, ES2016 and ES2017 support

CowtownJS meetup - Web Components make AngularJS/React the new jQuery

Here’s the December 2017 video from the CowtownJS meetup in Fort Worth. I gave the talk this month and I regaled everybody with why they need to pay lots of attention to Web Components now because I think they’ll be what we’ll all be using in the not too distant future.

Note: There are some video artifacts, likely caused by the fact that I was recording with Screenflow and using AirPlay to mirror my display to a large TV in the room at the same time for everybody who attended to see. The audio is good though and hopefully you can see most of what I’m showing pretty well.

Click through to see a slew of links related to Web Components, Polymer, and more.

My apologies on taking so long to deliver this.

Phaser 3 HTML5 game framework released

One of the most popular game frameworks for web based game development the last few years has been Phaser. Just recently they released version 3.0.0 and a quick follow on with 3.1.0 to fix a few bugs:

Phaser 3 Github Page

If you ask around about what the differences are, the answer is basically “everything”. This was a complete rewrite from the ground up to support modern JavaScript (ES6) and TypeScript.

ES2018 feature set (and ES2017/ES2016 too)

I saw this tweet by Mathias Bynens and it mentioned several features we’re getting in ES2018:

Then I went looking for the complete feature set and found that Dr. Axel Rauschmayer had a post from February of last year(!) on the subject (though he updated it quite recently):

Mike Bostock's Observable interactive notebooks

If the name Mike Bostock doesn’t immediately leap to mind, the project most closely associated with him should. D3.js is the cat’s meow when it comes to doing any kind of visualization work and it has been his baby for a long time.

Now he’s got an interesting new project in the form of an interactive notebook where you can embed JavaScript code directly into the notebook: