Google handling JavaScript rendering

Google has come out on their blog to say that they’re not going to require JavaScript driven pages to render a special version for search purposes anymore. It has long been suspected that they were already rendering pages as though an actual user’s browser were seeing them for quite a while now. I guess this makes it official.

Rendering AJAX-crawling pages

Advent of Code 2017 is up; and has been for a while :(

Home Page

If you’re keen for some coding challenges, the Advent of Code has published their third annual advent calendar of challenges. It’s not language specific so you can code with whatever you happen to like.

They present the problem in a simplified form, give you a large data file, and then you figure out an algorithm to get an answer. If you can enter in the right answer, you get part of that year’s calendar filled in and a second problem related to the first one. Complete it too and you’ll get an even fancier filled in area of their glorious ASCII creation. is aggregating meetup videos

There are lots of videos from various meetups around the US and EU in English for JavaScript topics. I’m about to post two very shortly for my local meetup, CowtownJS, here in Fort Worth, TX. is gathering together many of those videos and highlighting them via their blog, so if you’re looking for another source of JS development videos, this one looks interesting.

Chrome update and Node.js Interactive 2017 videos

Two things which come with some videos worth watching for a JavaScript developer. One is Chrome 62 which has videos for both browser changes and developer tool changes and the other is the videos from the Node.js Interactive 2017 conference finally dropped.

Coming soon, expect a raft of new videos associated with the Chrome Dev Summit which starts Monday Oct 23rd, 2017.