Chrome update and Node.js Interactive 2017 videos

Two things which come with some videos worth watching for a JavaScript developer. One is Chrome 62 which has videos for both browser changes and developer tool changes and the other is the videos from the Node.js Interactive 2017 conference finally dropped.

Coming soon, expect a raft of new videos associated with the Chrome Dev Summit which starts Monday Oct 23rd, 2017.

The Jayson JSON Editor

Jayson UI

I’ve used a lot of web based editors/viewers for JSON over the years and all have fallen pretty short for me. Jayson is one of the first that I’ve seen that is an actual app for my local machine. It allows not only viewing but also editing and changing your JSON and has keyboard shortcuts for lots of navigation and editing functions. The only big negative I’ve hit is with JavaScript vs. JSON. For example, the following is considered valid JavaScript but not valid JSON:

Node.js 8 and NPM 5

I read through the information about NPM v5 the other day and I have to admit I found that it was all likely important stuff (that is, changes that needed to be made), but not particularly exciting. It seemed like things which would just make it behave a little better, work in a few more situations, or be a little bit faster: v5.0.0

GraphQL (Baader-Meinhof Edition)

I never hear much about GraphQL but of course, it seems like it’s everywhere this week…

New Toolsday Podcast on GraphQL


Tune in this week to hear us ford through unfamiliar waters as we tackle GraphQL! We go through why you should get excited about this new way of dealing with APIs.