CowtownJS meetup - Web Components make AngularJS/React the new jQuery

Here’s the December 2017 video from the CowtownJS meetup in Fort Worth. I gave the talk this month and I regaled everybody with why they need to pay lots of attention to Web Components now because I think they’ll be what we’ll all be using in the not too distant future.

Note: There are some video artifacts, likely caused by the fact that I was recording with Screenflow and using AirPlay to mirror my display to a large TV in the room at the same time for everybody who attended to see. The audio is good though and hopefully you can see most of what I’m showing pretty well.

Click through to see a slew of links related to Web Components, Polymer, and more.

My apologies on taking so long to deliver this.

Graph components are from here

Web Components


Alternatives to Polymer


Originally a React tool, Storybook allows you to create a variety of scenarios for your components and quickly switch between them when you’re doing development work. I’ve wanted something like it for quite a while and as you can see from the Github link below, it’s very close to being extended to be available for all of your Web Component development too (Note: The title of the ticket talks about Polymer, but the actual changes being made will accommodate any form of Web Component).

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