ES2018 feature set (and ES2017/ES2016 too)

I saw this tweet by Mathias Bynens and it mentioned several features we’re getting in ES2018:

Then I went looking for the complete feature set and found that Dr. Axel Rauschmayer had a post from February of last year(!) on the subject (though he updated it quite recently):

While I’m pretty familiar (as are many people) with the feature set of ES2015 (aka. ES6) I couldn’t rattle off much of anything in ES2016 or ES2017 so I was motivated to look those up as well.

The upshot of reading through all of this was that the ES2018 stuff seemed pretty esoteric to me (feel free to send me nasty responses to correct that), ES2017 way less so (I was already using the string padding without realizing that it wasn’t from ES2015), and ES2016 hardly added anything (intentional after the massive ES2015 release).

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