Friday Podcasts and's New Course

New Podcasts from JavaScript Jabber, My JS Story, and JSParty

JSJ 263 Moving from Node.js to .NET and with John-Daniel Trask This episode features Moving from Node.js to .NET and with John-Daniel Trask. John-Daniel is the Co-founder and CEO of Raygun, a software intelligence platform for web and mobile. He’s been programming for many years, and is originally from New Zealand. Tune in and learn what prompted them to move to the .NET framework!

MJS #020: Alex Russel On this week’s episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Alex Russel. Alex is a software engineer on the Chrome team. He focuses on designing new features and running their standards work. He appeared as a guest on episode 87, where he talked about TC39. Tune in to his story!

11: Web Standards, ECMAScript Modules in Browsers, and Learning JS Wes Bos and Mike Taylor joined Alex Sexton this week to talk about Web Standards stuff, compileTo CSS libraries, ECMAScript Modules in Browsers, and Learning JS.’s Free Course is on TypeStyle

Remember, it’s only free for the weekend, but this week’s course from is: Maintainable CSS using TypeStyle - Course by @basarat

Note: The entire course is just 34 minutes, so not a big time expenditure if you find the subject of working with CSS in your JavaScript interesting.

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