Google Talks About Dev Tools Improvements and More About WebAssembly

Google Also Does Animated Dev Tips

It’s not just Umar Hansa who does animated Gifs of Chrome Dev Tool features, Google does some of their own for new features in this entry from their blog talking about several updates which will be coming in the near future to the Chrome Developer Tools: What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 60)

Lin Clark: A Cartoon Intro to WebAssembly

I did get to watch Lin Clark: A Cartoon Intro to WebAssembly | JSConf EU 2017 - YouTube in the last few days and it was, as promised based upon the number of people who linked to it, very very good. She showed how we could be at a new inflection point in the graph of JavaScript performance over time similar to the one we saw with JIT compilers being added to browsers to speed up our code.

I had thought that this was only going to be of use for those willing to compile their code from some other language (like C++) to WASM but she explains how much of a benefit we could all get from it if just the packages and libraries we use most were done that way instead. I look forward to starting to use a compiled version of LoDash which is even faster than the current one.

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