GraphQL (Baader-Meinhof Edition)

I never hear much about GraphQL but of course, it seems like it’s everywhere this week…

New Toolsday Podcast on GraphQL


Tune in this week to hear us ford through unfamiliar waters as we tackle GraphQL! We go through why you should get excited about this new way of dealing with APIs.

GraphQL Back-end as a Service

It had never occurred to me that with all the BaaS that exist out there (Firebase, Backand,, etc.) that people who were used to using GraphQL would want one, or more, which offered up data via that mechanism rather than yet another variant on REST or whatever you call the thing that Firebase does.

And I still don’t know that there’s a demand for it, but there’s certainly several of them available:

GraphQL and GitHub

And if you’re looking for something to play with in the way of a GraphQL API with data already in it, look no further than Github itself. Their API is out of the early access program and available for your use:

GitHub API | GitHub Developer Guide

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