New Content and Some Contact Details

New Template

If you’ve been here before then you can immediately tell that the look of things is completely different. I’m using Hugo right now to generate this site and I started with the Hyde template just to have something up but I quickly found it to be extremely limiting.

I’ve now switched to Mainroad and other than the weirdness above where it uses the list of my last posts as a menu (something I’m very puzzled by) it does pretty much everything better than Hyde did. I look forward to fixing that last problem and adding a new page which is not just a post or list of posts.

Contact Details

The old version didn’t have much of anything to tell you who was running the place nor how to contact me. I’ve rectified that with the new version. You can quickly get to my email, Github, and Twitter. Sooner or later I’ll put up a link to my Stack Overflow profile and get a signup form for a newsletter that will summarize content from the site on a weekly basis.

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John Munsch is a professional software developer who works exclusively in JavaScript after years of working in the Java, C++, and C world. He's much happier now.