Node.js 8 and NPM 5

I read through the information about NPM v5 the other day and I have to admit I found that it was all likely important stuff (that is, changes that needed to be made), but not particularly exciting. It seemed like things which would just make it behave a little better, work in a few more situations, or be a little bit faster: v5.0.0

That’s probably not a very charitable summation for something which was probably a lot of work to put together.

Especially since looking at the new Node.js seems like a smaller improvement in many ways since it is getting all its JavaScript improvements from the Chrome V8 engine and another major feature is bundling the aforementioned NPM 5. But there’s still some really neat stuff in there including: * A wrapper for Node.js functions which normally use callbacks so you can use promises with them instead * N-API for writing native modules (even if you don’t write them, you’ll likely end up using them, listen to JSParty episode 7 for a better understanding of what this is: JS Party #7) * And of course everything added during 7.X.X which you likely ignored because it’s unstable (right?). So async/await is going to be one of the big things you’re going to get out of this long-term support version of Node.js.

It will become the active version and users/developers will start being pushed towards it in October 2017: Node v8.0.0 (Current)

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