ES Modules: The Cartoon

I really loved the way Lin Clark contrasts the explicit binding of variables between files of code using modules vs. implicit binding where you simply expect that a given variable will be in a certain place within the global scope (like jQuery’s $ shortcut) and how it makes modules not just a better way of connecting your software together but also a way of protecting your code from mistakes.

ES modules: A cartoon deep-dive – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Learn by Doing

I’m very fond of things that teach via a series of interactive steps and clearly I’m not the only one. Below are some of the interactive tutorials I’ve run across. You can make a good argument that only the very first of these is JavaScript related and you’d be right. However, unless you happen to do Node.js work all day and never touch either regular expressions or CSS, there might be more than one of these which could be useful for you.