Grid, grid, everywhere a grid, grid

Shop Talk Show podcast picked CSS grid as one of their “things” that will be big in 2018 web development just a few weeks ago and I’d have to say that I agree.

The noise level around grid is pretty darn loud right now and the resources for learning it are better than ever. If you haven’t already succumbed to Rachel Andrew’s examples and video tutorial before, then maybe Wes Bos’s new free course on will do the trick for you.

sharp Image Conversion and Free Course

RisingStack There’s a new Node.js Weekly Update - 19 May, 2017 over at RisingStack Community with quite a few interesting updates about V8, a couple about micro services with Kubernetes or Docker, etc. But my favorite was their mention of sharp as a really fast way to convert images. It’s apparently much faster than using ImageMagick or GraphicsMagic to do so. But even more than that, within the description of sharp was the mention that it can automatically generate the extra files needed to support super fast zooming software like OpenSeadragon.