dotJS 2017 Videos

It looks like it’s well short of all the videos they likely recorded for the dotJS 2017 conference but here’s a handful they have posted to YouTube in a playlist:

dotJS 2017 is aggregating meetup videos

There are lots of videos from various meetups around the US and EU in English for JavaScript topics. I’m about to post two very shortly for my local meetup, CowtownJS, here in Fort Worth, TX. is gathering together many of those videos and highlighting them via their blog, so if you’re looking for another source of JS development videos, this one looks interesting.

Firebase Videos from Google I/O 2017

I mentioned a playlist of web and Chrome related videos from Google I/O 2017 yesterday and I wanted to follow up with a second playlist of interesting to me and possibly of interest to other JavaScript developers. I’ve used Firebase before for a little project to have an in/out board for the people I play games with at lunch (see here, GitHub - JohnMunsch/playing-today ). I came away thinking that I would seriously consider using it again to build something either as a proof-of-concept or initial version of an app (or perhaps as the only version if it were one which did not require a lot of traffic).

Google I/O 2017

Google’s annual I/O conference just finished (May 17-19) and, of course, there are lots and lots of videos to be had from this shindig. While some of the sessions with videos are on topics which may be appropriate for things you’re doing (Accelerated Mobile Pages, Progressive Web Apps, ) others were more directly related to JavaScript specifically (for example, Web Assembly and Polymer). You can mine the site itself for interesting stuff and see everything (https://events.

sharp Image Conversion and Free Course

RisingStack There’s a new Node.js Weekly Update - 19 May, 2017 over at RisingStack Community with quite a few interesting updates about V8, a couple about micro services with Kubernetes or Docker, etc. But my favorite was their mention of sharp as a really fast way to convert images. It’s apparently much faster than using ImageMagick or GraphicsMagic to do so. But even more than that, within the description of sharp was the mention that it can automatically generate the extra files needed to support super fast zooming software like OpenSeadragon.